Our mission and vision is to bring new scientific technologies to the benefit of patients worldwide. Marie Curie’s relentless devotion and insatiable curiosity made her an icon in science, and a two-time Nobel Prize winner. Through her physically demanding and unfortunately fatal work, she discovered polonium, radium and championed the practical use of radiation, which led to products like first generation radiopharmaceuticals and x-ray machines.

In the same spirit of innovating healthcare, Curie Capital wants to have a meaningful impact on patients’ lives. Our strategy is to make smart investments in high potential early-stage Biotechnology and Medical technology companies. Within the Life Sciences sector we search for first- or best-in-class products in accessible markets, led by experienced and visionary leaders.

Through our investments and hands-on support, promising companies get the chance to develop their product to the proof-of-concept stage (medicines) or global sales (services, medtech, diagnostic products). We actively contribute to the success and the value of our portfolio companies through good syndicates, best team hires and advisors, derisking the proposition for later stage investors towards successful commercialization.

“I am among those who find that science has great beauty” 
Dr. Marie Curie, winner of two Nobel Prizes (Physics and Chemistry)